6. day 35 km (in total 199 km)
24.6.2011 18.10.00

Last night I pitched my tent carefully and tied up my kayak with a rope onto a tree due to a storm. When listening the wind  during the night I can easily imagine the forecast for 20 m/s was quite right. However my kayak was OK in the morning...

The first leg was across the Porvoo oil refinery and the wind was still 7-8 m/s headwind from SW, what a surprise ! First two hours I was fighting against up to 1m waves and the wind, before I managed to take a more sheltered route. I had a nice lunch break at Kalkkiranta and went to a local restaurant to have first meal indoors in six days.

A couple of days ago I was wondering the pain in my back and now I found a reason. There were some ants inside my dry suit and when I started paddling they started to bite me. I couldn't do anything, but paddle.

After 7 hours paddling it was awesome to arrive at Pikku leikosaari, where Minna was waiting me and sauna was warming up. I had the chance to wash and it felt heavenly. In addition the weather is really nice, like mid-summer weather needs to be. The amount of boats is enourmous at this time of the year, which I noticed when approaching Helsinki.

For some reason I have had problems with GPS and thus the route is not continuous, but having breaks from time to time. 

Tietoja reitistä

Sijainti Stornäsudden, Porvoo - Pikku leikosaari, Helsinki
Laji Melonta
Reitin pituus 35,03 km   ( 35030 m )
Kokonaisaika 08:30:45
Keskinopeus 4 km/h
Syke Max: - Avg: -
Reittiä katsottu 2944 kertaa

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