10. day 27 km (in total 359 km)
28.6.2011 15.21.30

This was another great day for paddling! When I woke up at 7:30, when sun was raising, there were no wind at all. At the same spot there were 2 boats in anchor and one of them, M/S Cindy I had seen before. When I started chatting with the owner we noticed we had spent 3 nights in a row at the same place! This night at Fladalandet, yesterday at Stora Fagerö and day before at Lähteelä. What a coincidence! The same route and same schedule... I wish you a very pleasent and relaxing vacation trip, wherever you are heading! Hopefully we'll see some day again...


The other boat owners had fished perches in the evening and just before I was leaving in the morning they gave me smoked perches. What a kind persons you are, thank you and warmest greetings to you.


When I started crossing towards Hanko, sea was calm and there were no wind at all. What a perfect weather for paddling. I was feeling absolutely great.


After 4,5 hours paddling I reached my destination, Gustavsvärn lighthouse island. I had agreed before with the president of the Finnish lighthouse association that I could spend a night on their lighthouse. Finnish lighthouse association is doing a great job to preserve and renovate old lighthouses, if you are not yet a member, join immediately! I have been working as a voluntary and renovating Märket lighthouse. I have visited Gustavsvärn as well. There were 2 voluntary workers, Tuula and Hilkka welcoming me to the island.


I was able to do all the "services" I was planning to do here. Charge all of the batteries of equipment, do the laundry and have the sauna and wash myself. Sauna was absolutely fantastic!!! Great work Alpo & co.


Tomorrow I have a long crossing but fortunately weather forecast is showing a mild wind. Now I'm feeling like I would be at home, because I have reached the area which is familiar to me. Earlier I have been paddling at Tammisaari archipelago, visited Gustavsvärn and tomorrow I'm heading to Saaristomeri, where I have been paddling many times already.


My warmest thanks to Finnish lighthouse association for accommodation, Tuula and Hilkka for excellent meals & warming up sauna, Fladalandet boaters for smoked perches and M/S Cindy owners for great company.

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Sijainti Fladalandet, Tammisaari - Gustavsvärn, Hanko
Laji Melonta
Reitin pituus 27,02 km   ( 27016 m )
Kokonaisaika 05:24:40
Keskinopeus 5 km/h
Syke Max: - Avg: -
Reittiä katsottu 3040 kertaa

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