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7. day 50 km (in total 249 km) 25.6.2011 22.19.18

Pikku leikosaari, Helsinki - Lähteelä, Kirkkonummi 49,78km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

The wind was supposed to be 1-2 m/s and I was expecting as a pleasent paddling day, but it turned out that wind was blowing 4-5 m/s from SW. Thus this was 6th day headwind in a row.The first stretch from Pikku leikosari to Suomenlinna was familiar from previous paddling trips. Silja and Biking ferrys were just arriving onto a harbour. The break at Suomenlinna was quite long due to reason every cafe at the island was closed, except one. We managed to grip hot chocolate and delicious cakes.Thus Su

6. day 35 km (in total 199 km) 24.6.2011 18.10.00

Stornäsudden, Porvoo - Pikku leikosaari, Helsinki 35,03km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Last night I pitched my tent carefully and tied up my kayak with a rope onto a tree due to a storm. When listening the wind  during the night I can easily imagine the forecast for 20 m/s was quite right. However my kayak was OK in the morning...The first leg was across the Porvoo oil refinery and the wind was still 7-8 m/s headwind from SW, what a surprise ! First two hours I was fighting against up to 1m waves and the wind, before I managed to take a more sheltered route. I had a nice

5. day 39 km (in total 164 km) 23.6.2011 18.22.13

Kabböle, Pernaja - Stornäsudden, Emäsalo, Porvoo 38,70km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

After arriving late in the night to Kabböle, I just immediately fell asleep. I had shortage of water and needed desperately recharging of my batteries for laptop, cell phone and GPS. I managed to charge all the batteries of different equipments, buy some more food and fill up my water bags. Now I can continue another 4 days without need of supplies. I started a bit over 10AM and chose a very sheltered route, because the weather forecast warned sailors and boat drivers of stormy weather

4. day 43 km (in total 125 km) 22.6.2011 23.30.17

Svartbäck Krokö, Pyhtää - Kabböle, Pernaja 43,46km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Wake up already at 4AM and paddling started at 4:30 due to milder wind during early morning. The wind was still blowing from SW and were headwind all the day. I paddled 5 hours and took a long lunch and rest break during 12AM - 6PM. The wind was strongest at that time and there were no sense to try to do multiple 5-6 km crossing. In the evening I passed by Loviisa nuclear plant and completed paddling just before midnight. Now I'm having a well deserved rest...

3. day 24 km (in total 82 km) 21.6.2011 18.18.11

Lehmäsaari, Kotka - Svartbäck Krokö, Pyhtää 23,59km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

This was a windy day. I was fighting against 8-12 m/s (SW) headwind all day and managed to paddle on the waters of Pyhtää. I was hoping to continue still, but on gusts wind was so strong there were no sense to continue. I tried to to find a camping spot and last found a small ledge, into which I pitched my tent. Sure this has been one of the hardest paddling days I have had. It seems headwind is going to continue, hopefully it will calm down a bit...

2. day 38 km (in total 58 km) 20.6.2011 18.43.45

Suuri-Pisi, Virolahti - Lehmäsaari, Kotka 37,51km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

At the beginning of paddling every item seems to be lost. I don't have routine for packing stuff into a kayak yet. It rained during the evening and night and the wind increased from yesterday. I started a bit after 9AM and noticed a strong headwind and moderate waves.I pushed all the day in 6-8 m/s headwind (from W and SW) and long crossings between islands took all my strength. Finally I reached my camping place just in front of Kotka after 7PM. Actually this looks a nice spot with cooking shel

1. Day 20 km (In total 20 km) 19.6.2011 19.54.58

Virojoki, Virolahti - Suuri-Pisi, Virolahti 19,55km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

1. Paddling day started after Saturday's 50 km adventure race and Sunday's Jukola orienteering relay. My body was totally exhausted already in the start. Quarter to five I headed onto a water at the center of Virojoki. The first leg was 20 km paddling in a calm weather, 2m/s from SE and occasional showers. I put my tent on a Suur-Pisi island in the national park of eastern gulf of Finland.

Outoori - Reposaari 12.6.2011 13.24.22

Pori 17,63km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Kallioluoto - Outoori 11.6.2011 18.40.55

Pori 22,88km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Reposaari - Kallioluoto 10.6.2011 22.54.59

Pori 9,28km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Pukala 2.6.2011 16.21.29

Orivesi 12,59km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Saarikylät 26.9.2010 13.55.00

Kangasala 18,59km 1 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Gustavsvärn - Hanko 19.9.2010 10.54.35

Hanko 3,05km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Hanko Gustavsvärn 18.9.2010 14.47.57

Hanko 2,73km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Tuiskukuru - Kiilopää 8.9.2010 18.17.48

Saariselkä 27,64km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Kustunlammen laavu - Tuiskukuru 7.9.2010 20.44.05

Saariselkä 36,31km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Kiilopää - Kustunlammen laavu 6.9.2010 18.44.21

Saariselkä 21,17km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Merikarvia & Yttergrund 24.8.2010 17.54.42

Merikarvia 16,92km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Sälgrund 24.8.2010 10.48.26

Kaskinen 5,01km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Kallan 23.8.2010 18.09.36

Pietarsaari 18,91km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

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